White Table Catering Team Training in the Tasting Lounge

When preparing for this day with our team, we knew we wanted to offer our team the complete client experience. So, we dressed up our tasting lounge with modern rentals from Pedersens Event Rentals and Bespoke Decor and florals in neutral fall undertones.

Twice a year, the White Table Catering team gathers to do a team training refresh and onboarding with our new event managers. Our most recent training took place this past fall, where we launched our new fall/winter menu and walked our team through the White Table Catering signature experience.

The White Table Experience

For this training session with our team, we started in the tasting lounge with a menu tasting and training by our Event Specialist Lead team. Afterwards, we headed downstairs to our kitchen for some hands-on training to put our impeccable service standards into action.

As a client, when you arrive at the White Table Catering tasting lounge, you are treated to a travelling dining experience, starting in one location and moving to another. For this training, we mimicked this exact experience for our staff. We started with cocktails and canapés at the bar and then moved to the dining table for the dinner tasting. We want the experience to feel almost like a mini cocktail reception before dinner! 

The goal of this training was for our staff to experience the same impeccable service that we create for each of our clients so that they can replicate it with ease and excitement on your event day. We want our event team to not only be passionate about creating unforgettable experiences but also to have experienced them themselves.

White Table Catering owners

White Table Catering Menu Tasting

With this team training taking place in the fall, it was the perfect time to provide our staff with an opportunity to try the new fall/winter menu items. They tried everything from winter canapes to some of our new plated desserts! This training session also allows the kitchen team to practice these items to help ensure each menu item is thoughtfully assembled and consistent with our standards.

Chocolate dome desert with wax seal topper

We love using this time to gather as the White Table Catering family to enhance our offerings and service standards further. We are thankful to have an incredible kitchen staff and event team dedicated to creating a stunning and cohesive dining experience for our clients.

Want to learn more about our team and who you will be working with for your event? Find out more about our signature White Table Catering process and get to know our team!


Photos: Brooklyn D Photography 
Catering and Planning: White Table Catering 
Venue: The White Table Catering Tasting Lounge At The Hangar Venue
Rentals: Pedersens Event Rentals + Bespoke Decor

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